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If in doubt mail us at:

What happens if my child loses their fob?


If they have already received their first fob but it has not been registered, they can
simply get a replacement fob at the school reception or at the lunch counter

and begin the registration process.

If the fob is already registered and you have purchased a meal scheme then their
food will still be waiting for them at the counter but without a fob they will need to wait
until the queue is gone so that we can manually find them on the system and give
them their meal but rest assured they will still receive their meal


Get a replacement fob at the students office or at the lunch counter and send an
email to with your name and email address and school
name associated with the account and also the new fob number so that we can

allocate the new fob to the student’s meal scheme.


What happens if my child is absent from school
on the day of their meal scheme?

In order to reallocate a meal to a different day we need to be notified within 24hrs by

email to


What happens if I would like to unsubscribe to a
meal scheme half way through a term?


If you find that after purchasing a meal scheme that the arrangement is not for you
just notify us by email and a full refund for remaining days will be given.


What happens if my child is sensitive
to food allergens?


Send an email to us at with the School, the Students name,
your phone number, a description of the allergy and someone from our team will be
in touch as the safety of all students is important to us. In the vast majority of cases
we will have safe and delicious alternatives but extreme cases of nut allergies may
need to be aware of meal choices that do not contain nuts but do contain products
made outside of our premises where nuts could be in the same factory.


Why can’t I make a menu selection on a date
that I have subscribed to?

One of the main reasons for this is if you are trying to make a choice too close to the
day in question. For example, on Sunday 1st if a parent signs up to a meal scheme
that includes a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Meal Scheme will not include
Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd because we have not been given enough time to have
the meal in place (these days will not be included in the bill). The first billed day will
be Wednesday 4th and every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for the rest of the
term/half term after that. Menu choices will be locked in 48hrs before each particular

day but can be changed through the app at any time before that.


Does the student or the parent
make the meal selection?

The meal scheme is purchased through the App and once it is purchased
anyone who logs on to the app using the fob number on the back of the

card will be able to change meal choices


What happens if the school closes suddenly
due to Covid restricions?

A full refund or reallocation will be given to accounts for all meals not

received 24hrs after any type of sudden closure.

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