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A guide to the new lunch time service at Mount Anville.

Dear Parents, students and teachers,
While Mount Anville continues to implement new policies and operations to keep students and staff safe in September and until the school settles in to a new routine with these Covid 19 challenges, In Sep 2020 ‘The Lunchbox’ will operate in Mount Anville with a pre-order facility (use the link to the portal below) for next day delivery to your classroom. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 restrictions there will be NO shop facility to purchase items on that day at the counter and due to restrictions at the school only a selection of pre-ordered chilled items will be on offer.

If you have mislaid or lost your fob, a new fob can be collected from the Students Office.

We look forward to launching our exciting new ‘Meal Scheme’ in to Mount Anville School very soon, offering choice, flexibility and healthy options.

In the meantime, we wish you all a safe and healthy academic year and look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Best wishes
The team at The Lunchbox

Topping Up

There will be an option for topping up a cashless fob using a credit
card enabling students to purchase pre-order items for collection the 
next day.



Pre-Order, Grab n’ go

There is an option  for Parents/Students to pre-order specific chilled
items for collection the next day from “grab n’ go” collection points in 
the school.





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