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A guide to the new lunch time service at Willow Park.

Willow Park’s latest development sees the introduction of a new healthy lunch time service for 5th form, 6th form and 1st year students.


This service is a meal scheme service that is designed to develop healthy eating habits for life in students as well as provide convenience for parents!



Healthy substantial meals with great choice available 5 days a week

Pre-paid cashless collection system using our App and Key fob

Fast grab n go queueing system

Transparency for parents regarding their child’s diet




Parents will receive a key fob which will be sent home with the student.

Parents need to download The Lunchbox Meal Scheme App to their smart phone.

Parents then register the fob with their child’s details through the App.

Parents then purchase a Meal Scheme for any or all days of the week for the remainder of the term.

The parents or student can select their menu choice from the day or days they have purchased through the App. However we do need 48hrs to be able to guarantee menu selection

The meal will then be waiting for them to collect in the school at lunch time using the fob as verification.



Meal Schemes will include


The choice of three daily specials.

(Choose through the calendar in the App)


A mini homemade treat.



A piece of fruit.




The student will then use their key fob to collect at the counter!






What happens if my child loses their fob?


If they have already received their first fob but it has not been registered they can simply buy a replacement fob at the school reception or at the lunch counter for €3.00

and begin the registration process.

If they have already registered the fob and purchased a meal scheme then their food will still be waiting for them at the counter but they will need to wait until the queue is gone so that we can manually find them on the system and give them their meal. They can also buy a replacement fob for €3.00 at reception or at the lunch counter but their parents will need to send an email to with the new fob number so that we can allocate the new fob to their meal scheme.



What happens if my child is absent from school on the day or their meal scheme?


In order to reallocate a meal to a different day we need to be notified the day before by email to



What happens if I would like to unsubscribe to a meal scheme half way through a term?


If you find that after purchasing a meal scheme that the arrangement is not for you just notify us by email and a full refund for remaining days will be given.


What happens if my child is sensitive to food allergens?


Upon registration there is a request for any food allergens, we will then provide an allergen free version of the food they have requested e.g if the selection is Soup and a Caesar wrap and the students has been registered with a gluten intolerance, the wrap will be made using gluten free tortilla wraps



Why can’t I make a menu selection on a date that I have subscribed to?


If a parent signs up to a meal scheme that begins the next day they will not be able to select a menu item for the next day only because the Lunchbox needs 48hrs notice to be able to have everything in place for the student. We will have a meal for the student but let us know by email to if that is the case and your preferred item and we will do our best but cannot guarantee the item of your choice.

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